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Another Learning Experience

Posted by Lori on September 15, 2014 at 1:50 PM


I had no idea when I began this journey to write my first book that life itself would be my teacher.

This past weekend I went to the MixFest in Boston.  It's an outdoor concert featuring several popular artists. Little did I know how many hours would be between the two artists I went to see.  Alex Preston was the second singer and he only played one song.  Phillip Phillips was the last performer 5 hours later.  The picture is what it looked like when we arrived. I am quite certain it was packed shortly afterward.  I was in front of the white tent in the middle of the crowd.  After people stood up, we all packed in tight closer to the stage area. 

This was my first outdoor concert and I am glad I went.  Not however for the physical expereince of standing from 2pm- 8pm in one spot, not eating since 8am, not drinking anything either, just stood there so I wouldn't lose my place.  You see from where I was standing I could see the details on the performer's faces. I counted and I was about 10 bodies back.  As I stood there all day with various people coming and going and standing in front of me, some even taller then me, I made some mental notes.

1) arrive earlier next time

2) pack food & drinks

3) plan for rain

4) front row is worth the price (this was a free concert)

The thought of going to a concert to see someone I know I am going to enjoy, you know... like Caleb Johnson or Jesse Kinch, and sitting anywhere but front row will absolutely not be acceptable.  Documenting this here in case I forget... over 40 has that effect on the memory.

As I watched the different bands set up the stage I discovered some errors in my writing of my own story about a musician.  I am so thankful for having stood there watching how it all worked out because I learned that I wrote it all wrong in my first draft of my book. 

Last weekend I went to a festival in a local city for their 100th year celebration.  There were stage performers there as well and I noticed other things that I wrote incorrectly in my manuscript.  

I always wondered what the singers did on stage to keep the crowd entertained.  I learned that each one is different.  Some dance a little, some walk around and sing, and some even just stand there and sing.  That was a great concert to make these observations at since there were so many performers. 


So, it's back to writing and rewriting and that is perfectly OK with me because I love it!


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