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Posted by Lori on September 8, 2014 at 9:25 AM

I just realized that I haven't written here since before I went to the concerts at the beginning of the summer. So much has developed since then I must update you on the progress.

The concerts were amazing to experience. I am thrilled that I went as it gave me better visuals for writing. I have also completed the skeleton of my book. I have full descriptions of the characters, their occupations, and each ones journey mapped out. I have written the dialog and have developed both internal and external conflicts for the main characters. In my mind the book is written and I am excited about it.

I have traversed some difficult terrain recently and my "tools" of the trade have been compromised leaving me with less than ideal choices. I am also trying to work out some original or at least unique plot twists and story format. I have a blurred idea floating around in my mind of what I want to do but it hasn't come into a clear vision. When it does, magic is gonna happen.While these ideas perculate I am busy transposing the hand written story onto Google Docs so that I can work on them wherever I am. That's all about the book.

A quick recap:

July: I learned a lot about myself after going to two concerts and getting involved with fans and the singers on Twitter.


August: My world was turned upside down and shattered but I have come out stronger and more certain of who I am and what I want in life.


One week into September and I have set two feet on the ground, have shaken off the aftermath of August, and set off on a new journey to discover more of what it truly is to be ME.

Thanks for coming along. PEACE!

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