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Posted by Lori on May 26, 2014 at 10:30 AM



filled with power

lift you up

bringforth joy

nourish life.

How do you use your Words?

This may seem basic to you but just a moment ago I went from sharing my happy experiences with some people to a full out sob by the power of someone's words.  It struck me so profoundly that the power in those words could have such an effect of me. The words were full of bitterness and resentment and they were aimed at me with the intent to hurt me.  Mission accomplished.

In my pain, I chose to write.  I wrote many words originally then slowly cut them away and left only the few.  For me this was an exercise.  I am not a poet, but the few words writen above will serve as a reminder to me.  This is my writing notebook and I feel freedom to experiment here.  I share because I am brave enough to do so.    

I am still in awe at how three words spoken to me had the power to completely end my talking, change my emotions, and make me leave the room.  That is some power!  

Feeling better already, I will return to what I was doing.  I will take the passion I have for HAPPINESS and put it towards more writing later.  At this moment, I am glad to be a writer.  I have this outlet for my emotions no matter what they are.  

A smile is forming on my face as I type this, and my heart is filling up again with joy.  You see, I love to write! Whatever leads me to this can only have the power to ultimately bless me.  Those words may have cut me down a few minutes ago, but I am restored.  I am ready to go back to what I was doing and begin again with a smile knowing that I am empowered by the desire for Joy.

Joy = Jesus

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