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It's Just Cake!

Posted by Lori on May 19, 2014 at 10:50 PM

What is it about CAKE that people feel the need to cut it into perfect little squares?

Oh sure they say it's to get the most amount of pieces but I wonder if that's the whole truth?  It seems to me that many people do not even finish a slice of cake: too much frosting, not enough frosting, cake's too dry, etc.  

I wonder if those it-must-be-a-square-piece people must also have an isosceles slice from a round cake. 

I say cut the piece you want and pass the knife!  Let people take whatever portion they want. Loosen up, it's just cake.  

I know one person who probably thinks it's barbaric to cut a square cake any other way but square. However, tonight I did exactly that.  I cut a piece from the corner!  It made him laugh. That first cut into the square cake resulting in laughter was exactly what I think CAKE should inspire: laughter, fun, and happiness.  

I watched my friend correct my angle cut and achieve his right-angled square cake after making a few unfavorable odd-shaped slices.  This prompted me once again to add some FUN to this after-dinner dessert.  When the cake was passed to me again for a second piece, and my friend was not in the room, with no one looking- I carved out a heart shape in the frosting and began shaving off the remaining edges.  I was almost finished carving out the heart shaped piece for my square friend when he walked into the room and saw the pile of "shavings" on my plate.

Laughter erupted in the room, tears began to fall and hysteria was achieved.  I haven't witnessed so much fun over a small green cake... EVER.  It was well worth it!

When I passed the almost-carved-heart-shaped-cake-slice to my friend, after laughing one more time, he picked up the knife and cut himself a square piece from it.  I proceeded to eat all of the green shavings on my plate and though it was more than I wanted to eat, it was worth every bit.

It was the most fun I've ever had eating CAKE.

To my friend Jim: next time you offer me cake, I will try to act more civilized.

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