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Over the Fence

Posted by Lori on January 19, 2014 at 10:40 PM



There were many things Sheyne couldn't bring herself to do on her own, but the most difficult was to talk to boys. No matter how much she liked them, she was too shy.

From the space between the hinges of a slightly opened door, Sheyne watched Jay playing video games with her brother in the next room. Silently she was rooting for Jay to win because he had the deepest dimples when he smiled. A victory would mean his lips would press together as he tried to hold back the smile but still the dimples would crease his cheeks. Every time he won it caused the heat to rise in her own face as a blush revealed her enjoyment.

Catching her breath at the mere thought of Jay, she stepped back from the door and turned up the radio. The last thing she needed was for them to find her spying.

Dropping face down on the bed she mentally beat herself up over her inability to make casual acquaintances with boys. Muffling the screams in her pillow she cried out "Why is this so hard?  Why am I so stupid?  Ugh I'm such a baby!"

Listening to the song on the radio, she heard the words "just get up, get up, get up ...move that body.. girl...move that body...." and she did. Hearing it reminded her of the time her family went to the beach and all five of them were singing those words at the top of their lungs with the windows rolled down.

With renewed confidence Sheyne decided to walk out into the living room and headed toward the kitchen to get a drink. No sooner did she open the fridge did Sam appear calling out to her for drinks too.

"Pass me a Coke, Sheyne."

"Jay, what do you want?" Sam called out.

"Water's good."

Being around her brother was no problem. She collected two water bottles and a Coke. Upon handing over their drinks, Sam asked Sheyne what she was doing for the next hour. Seeing as how she had no plans, he invited her to go for a walk to the cemetery with them.

Sam and Jay liked the adventure of climbing the six foot fence to get into the cemetery and then walking through it at night hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever animal was digging around old man Perry's grave. Their minds went wild thinking about what could possibly be buried there and what animal was digging at the headstone.

Sheyne said yes to going for the walk even though she had no idea what they were going there for. She noticed her breathing began to change as Jay came into the kitchen and proceeded to head out the door following Sam, she fell in behind Jay. Sheyne sipped her water to calm down before being noticed.

They walked for about ten minutes until they arrived at the fence. She had never climbed a fence that high before and wondered if she even had the courage to try, especially in front of Jay.

The boys guzzled down their drinks and ditched the empties under a bush. In one swift move, Sam jumped up, reached the top of the fence and pulled his feet to the top and over, landing on his feet on the other side. Jay looked at Sheyne and asked her if she needed help getting up.

The thought of him helping her caused an instant panic and without thinking she said "no, go ahead, I'll go after you."  

Just like Sam, Jay went up and over without a hitch. Now the two boys were on one side of the fence and she was alone on the other looking through it at them.  After tossing her water bottle over the fence, she stuck her toe in one hole and reached up lacing her fingers in the chain link. Slowly she climbed to the top, but that is when it got tricky for her. With both feet tucked into the fence, her knees leaned against the top portion and her head tipped over the fence for balance.  Sheyne was frozen with fear.   If she took one of her feet out of the fence she felt her entire body would fall one way or the other, she was not sure which.

"Come on Sheyne, just put your leg over and come down" said Sam.

"I'm scared" she replied.

"Come on!" he repeated.

Sam was getting impatient and started to walk away. At that point Jay decided to help her so he extended his hands up towards her and said " just lean your body on the fence and put one leg over at a time. I will help you down."

She looked at him and then at the ground and started to do as he suggested. Once one leg was over, she shifted her hands to the inside and pulled her other leg over, but gravity took hold and she lost grip of the fence. In one split second she landed flat on top of Jay who was now laying on his back in a pile of leaves.

Never had she been this close to a boy, never had she seen how blue his eyes were. She was locked into a mesmerizing stare with him. Time seemed to stand still, nothing else existed around them, not even her breathing.

(to be continued) 







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1 Comment

Reply Jenn
3:27 PM on February 15, 2014 
waiting for the ending...excited to see where you take the story!