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Posted by Lori on October 12, 2013 at 8:45 PM


Opening one side of the double door, Margret was relieved to find the smiles of a young girl waiting to be greeted. "Hello? Can I help you?" said the old woman now standing with the sun in her face holding the door slightly open. She must want me to buy something, but I don't want cookies and I have no use for wrapping paper she thought as she impatiently waited for the girl to speak.

"My name is Grace and I live down the street. I am just stopping by to say hello. It's such a nice day today, can I come in?" Fully expecting the old woman to agree, Grace stepped forward and began entering the house.

Caught off guard by the intrusion of this bold young girl, Margret stepped back just as the girl placed her hand on the door to keep it open and walked into the vestibule of the mysterious house. Walking past the hand carved buffet lined with vintage crystal vases Grace declared "Those are pretty spectacular vases" and she sat herself down on the swivel rocking chair next to the fireplace.

Margret, unsure of what was going on, closed the door, walked past the girl, rounded the corner of the island counter and offered this young stranger a drink. "Would you like a Coke? I don't have much but if you want I can fix you a glass of soda." Margret moved through the kitchen grabbing an etched glass set in a gold beaded cup holder and poured the Coke. Reaching above the stove to the small cupboard, she retrieved a packaged cupcake too.

"This is a nice house. I've never seen an orange kitchen before." Grace entertained herself by rocking and swirling the chair as if on a stationery rocking horse at a playground.

Margret returned to the living room, served her guest and sat across the room on the couch. "So, what brings you here?" she asked curiously.

"Well I walk by your house every day when I get home from school and a couple of times I saw you walking up your driveway. I tried to say hello but you didn't hear me." Margret thought I heard you I just have no business with you kids.

"I figured if I came to your door, you would hear me."

"Oh I see."

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