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Terror (WP)

Posted by Lori on August 29, 2013 at 11:10 PM

Writing Prompt: Write about the terror that has no name.


When you know the enemy are all around you but you cannot see them, it can be quite unnerving to take even one breath. To step into the darkness completely unsure of what your foot might land on or how far the drop might take you causes you to panic and tremble inside. Afraid to breath but unable to stop the racing of your heart, your chest pumps the air right out of your open mouth and suddenly you can only hear yourself breathing. Clenching fists and crushing your eyes closed you walk ahead holding your breath with every stride so you can hear anything else. A shiver runs from your back through to the tips of your fingers alerting you that danger is most definitely staring you down. If you scream they will undoubtedly know your location and destroy you entirely. If you pass out and land on the ground, the echo will sound through out the darkness and they will find you and then consume you. The only choice you have is to continue walking forward into the darkness.


Categories: Short Stories

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