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Nothing New Under The Sun

Posted by Lori on April 25, 2016 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

A Garden In My Soul

Posted by Lori on April 21, 2016 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I went by my house today, the one I moved out of months ago, and I saw my flowers blooming... it broke my heart. I put so much love into that yard, my gardens, my plants, my trees.... oh the tears how they fall. I live in a brick building in the city, downtown, surrounded by brick buildings.... no green grass, no budding trees, no blooming flowers, no gardens.  So I cried out to God, the creator of all things to plant a garden in my soul that I might feel it beneath my skin.  I love nature. Yes, I now work in a garden center but it's my gardens I miss, my yard, my nature. 

Graves of those Who Lust

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Glass Tomb

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Love Me When I'm Strong

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Just As I Am

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Altogether Lovely

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Time to Get Real

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A New Beginning

Posted by Lori on November 7, 2015 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

November 7, 2015

I start out on a new journey yet again.  Life has changed so much for me personally and as a writer.  

I have completed my first short story series which was published on but lacked readership. So now I plan on publishing it on Amazon as a book.  

I have been writing poetry online and with the tremendous support I have recieved I am going to write my first chapbook.

I will also be posting some poetry here soon.

I plan on opening an etsy shop- that is in the works.

The book that I started a year and a half ago is also on the table to be completed.  

I am very excited about the future and I look forward to seeing what comes of it.


My Writing Journal

Posted by Lori on November 13, 2014 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)


It really came together like a dream.  Everything I had hoped for, everything I wanted to know and the details I needed to put into my story all became a reality for me on November 7, 2014.

I made the trip to Long Island, NY and met a friend from Twitter.  We went to the concert together and had the time of our lives!  Inspired by Jimmy Wayne to keep a small writing journal with me to jot down names and details for my book, I did just that.  I told everyone I met that I was writing a book and that this concert was a scene in the story.  How quickly did people give me their names and asked to be in it.  I assure you all, I will indeed write you in, even though it is only fiction, so much is based on real life experiences. 

Starting a new writing journal was fun enough for me, but when I actually had the opportunity to meet the singer, Jesse Kinch, I asked him to sign the inside cover. This is now one of my most treasured possessions as a writer. An autographed writing journal by the inspiration of the main character in my first book, words cannot clearly convey my heart's joy. 


Right Out Of My Book

Posted by Lori on November 7, 2014 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (0)


Today marks a very special day in my writing journey as I am heading to Long Island, New York to see Jesse Kinch in his first concert after winning the TV show Rising Star. If I were only a fan of his this alone would be an amazing event, but this is so much more for me as a writer.


In the book I am writing, there is a big scene in my story that takes place at a college campus. It is a pivotal scene where the lead singer comes out on stage in the dark, the music begins then the lights shine down on him as he starts to sing. The girl that loves him is in the front row but hasn't seen him in years and doesn't recognize him with his long hair at first but when he begins singing and she hears the lyrics, she knows it is him and that the song is one he wrote about her. She didn't know he even cared about her but the lyrics in the song were about when he fell in love with her and they were specific to a time they were both at the same camp years ago. 

I wrote the scene to take place at a university and I have very specific details. I was planning on doing research to check for accuracy since I have never been on the campus.  Today, however, I will be in the setting of my book! I am so beyond excited about this.  

One more amazing detail- Jesse is half of the inspiration for the main character in the book.  When it is published, he will get an official acknowledgment.  This is surreal to me!

Yet another day I am living my dream as a writer!


Another Learning Experience

Posted by Lori on September 15, 2014 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)


I had no idea when I began this journey to write my first book that life itself would be my teacher.

This past weekend I went to the MixFest in Boston.  It's an outdoor concert featuring several popular artists. Little did I know how many hours would be between the two artists I went to see.  Alex Preston was the second singer and he only played one song.  Phillip Phillips was the last performer 5 hours later.  The picture is what it looked like when we arrived. I am quite certain it was packed shortly afterward.  I was in front of the white tent in the middle of the crowd.  After people stood up, we all packed in tight closer to the stage area. 

This was my first outdoor concert and I am glad I went.  Not however for the physical expereince of standing from 2pm- 8pm in one spot, not eating since 8am, not drinking anything either, just stood there so I wouldn't lose my place.  You see from where I was standing I could see the details on the performer's faces. I counted and I was about 10 bodies back.  As I stood there all day with various people coming and going and standing in front of me, some even taller then me, I made some mental notes.

1) arrive earlier next time

2) pack food & drinks

3) plan for rain

4) front row is worth the price (this was a free concert)

The thought of going to a concert to see someone I know I am going to enjoy, you know... like Caleb Johnson or Jesse Kinch, and sitting anywhere but front row will absolutely not be acceptable.  Documenting this here in case I forget... over 40 has that effect on the memory.

As I watched the different bands set up the stage I discovered some errors in my writing of my own story about a musician.  I am so thankful for having stood there watching how it all worked out because I learned that I wrote it all wrong in my first draft of my book. 

Last weekend I went to a festival in a local city for their 100th year celebration.  There were stage performers there as well and I noticed other things that I wrote incorrectly in my manuscript.  

I always wondered what the singers did on stage to keep the crowd entertained.  I learned that each one is different.  Some dance a little, some walk around and sing, and some even just stand there and sing.  That was a great concert to make these observations at since there were so many performers. 


So, it's back to writing and rewriting and that is perfectly OK with me because I love it!



Posted by Lori on September 8, 2014 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I just realized that I haven't written here since before I went to the concerts at the beginning of the summer. So much has developed since then I must update you on the progress.

The concerts were amazing to experience. I am thrilled that I went as it gave me better visuals for writing. I have also completed the skeleton of my book. I have full descriptions of the characters, their occupations, and each ones journey mapped out. I have written the dialog and have developed both internal and external conflicts for the main characters. In my mind the book is written and I am excited about it.

I have traversed some difficult terrain recently and my "tools" of the trade have been compromised leaving me with less than ideal choices. I am also trying to work out some original or at least unique plot twists and story format. I have a blurred idea floating around in my mind of what I want to do but it hasn't come into a clear vision. When it does, magic is gonna happen.While these ideas perculate I am busy transposing the hand written story onto Google Docs so that I can work on them wherever I am. That's all about the book.

A quick recap:

July: I learned a lot about myself after going to two concerts and getting involved with fans and the singers on Twitter.


August: My world was turned upside down and shattered but I have come out stronger and more certain of who I am and what I want in life.


One week into September and I have set two feet on the ground, have shaken off the aftermath of August, and set off on a new journey to discover more of what it truly is to be ME.

Thanks for coming along. PEACE!

Gave Up My Rocking Chair for a Rock Star

Posted by Lori on July 5, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)


For the last nineteen years I have pretty much lived a predictable life involving work, church, and family.  I have never had a desire to do much more than that.  I don't go shopping, clubbing or travel with friends, I don't host parties or go to parties.  I just stay close to home and live as simple as possible.

I figured this road was heading to an even simpler life including a rocking chair and lots of books and I was really okay with that scenario.  I welcomed it.

Less than a year ago things started to change for me, I began to have ideas of writing.  As the ideas came, I let them manifest into small realities, one such is this writing blog.  It took courage to put my writing online in a public format. This site is my "notebook" where I play around with things, explore my thoughts, attempt to be creative, follow writing prompts to see what comes.   I have enjoyed writing here.

After reading several Christian fiction books, after being grabbed and pulled into the stories, after feeling the heart cries and prayers of the characters, I knew I wanted to write the same types of stories.  A new desire formed in me to write books.  The ideas were flashing through my mind and the excitment grew.  I'm going to be an author!

Reality check: "How is that possible?"  "I didn't go to college for this."  

Yet the desire was there and I determined to discover  what was involved in the process.  I learned that it was indeed possible for me to write books and as in art there are all sorts of opinions on the process.  Some say there are formulas to follow, rules, and a certain process must occurr.  Others say that if there is a passion, the process will evolve.  I determined to follow the evolution process.

The evolution of anything comes from a need.  It is then cultivated into a way and becomes a means to an end which is its change from where it started to what it is now.  As I journey on this writing road, I have been experiencing  the need to learn and undertand many aspects of what I want to write.  I get the idea but no clue how to develope it.  For instance, one day I was writing in my car at an ocean view park.  When I was finished writing and was ready to drive away, the idea for my first novel hit me.  I re-opened my notebook (the paper one) and wrote nearly 15 more pages capturing the story I would eventually write.  What a thrill!

At this point I had a story complete with a beginning, middle and end.  I knew the choices the characters would make, I knew the trials that would befall them and I knew that this story could have others written from it. What I didn't have were names, faces, occupations, location and other essential details.  I knew that whatever would come of these characters would require research on my part.  So I waited for inspiration.

I collect ideas for my book whenever something sparks my interest.  If it thrills me in life, it will thrill my readers. This is my thinking anyway, based on the style of my writing.  

If you have read the last few posts on my Walk of Faith blog and even a couple on this Writing blog, you know that I have been trying to understand my facination with American Idol winner Caleb Johnson.  It has been a whirlwind of processing for me.  I learned that the American Idol show is addictive and I never want to watch it again because I did not like needing to see the next episode. However,  I was so struck by the sound of Caleb's voice that I am grateful for having watched season 13.  

My obsession with him has evolved into research for my book and the end result is that Caleb is the inspiration for the protagonist in my story, at least in the singer/songwriter respect.  The research continued and I read many books about the music industry, songwriters, etc.  After gaining such knowledge I  began to understand the news articles I read about the up and coming musicians from American Idol.  It was all starting to come together.  Yet there was something missing.  

I had no passion for this industry.  I have never followed a band or been a groupie let alone a fan-girl.  I have only been to two concerts in my teenage years and I did not like either of them. Essentially this music world is new to me. Passion grows though, this I also have learned.  

During the days after the season finale, I was hooked on watching Caleb's performances on American Idol and every other video of him via YouTube.  His voice pierced my soul and had the power to change me.  The moment I realized something had changed in me was while watching a video recorded by his hometown band's drummer, Colten Emery.  I watched that video of Caleb doing a show at the Orange Peel in Asheville NC. It was when he went home for a visit before the finale.  Caleb says "I want you to feel it, alright" and I DID!  I felt it from my lviing room watching a video.  

In that moment I made a decision to go see Caleb in concert on the American Idol tour.  I needed to exererience it... not only for research for my book, but for myself.  There is so much power in his voice...  it takes hold of my insides and lifts me way up there with his range. I am left breathless and happy and free of all thoughts.  Now that is power!  Boston Idol tour, here I come.

With that ticket purchased, and the thrill of going to a concert for the first time in over 25 years, I started more research.  I opened up my mind to discover more artists than just Caleb Johnson.  Twitter has opened many opportunities for me to connect with people in the music industry.  It has been more than eye opening, it has been life changing.  I am now filled with passion for what they do and I am determined to support those I can. 

One such opportunity for me was meeting and hearing Jillian Jensen live last week.  She posted an invite on Twitter for a local show and I went.  I met her, I talked to her, I cried, I laughed, we hugged, and she private messaged me after I left without saying goodbye.  Oh the heart swells when touched by genuine love for others. 

It was such an overwhelming positive expereince that the desire to meet more people like this was growing.  I wondered who else I might like to see.  After checking the Christian concert tours and seeing none in my area, I remembered someone who has also inspired me, Phillip Phillips.  I discovered he is touring and will be nearby in just a few days.  Without hesitation, I bought a ticket to his show and I am going on Sunday.  YIKES!  What is happening to me?

Now I am going to two concerts in four days and I am just over-the-moon excited about it.  I am certain that I will have enough passion to write about my singer/songwriter character after I "feel" these concerts live.  This kind of research is more fun than reading books from the library. 

Now, I wonder what other occupations I can write into my story.  I suppose it depends on how much more fun I want to have this summer.  


Posted by Lori on May 26, 2014 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)



filled with power

lift you up

bringforth joy

nourish life.

How do you use your Words?

This may seem basic to you but just a moment ago I went from sharing my happy experiences with some people to a full out sob by the power of someone's words.  It struck me so profoundly that the power in those words could have such an effect of me. The words were full of bitterness and resentment and they were aimed at me with the intent to hurt me.  Mission accomplished.

In my pain, I chose to write.  I wrote many words originally then slowly cut them away and left only the few.  For me this was an exercise.  I am not a poet, but the few words writen above will serve as a reminder to me.  This is my writing notebook and I feel freedom to experiment here.  I share because I am brave enough to do so.    

I am still in awe at how three words spoken to me had the power to completely end my talking, change my emotions, and make me leave the room.  That is some power!  

Feeling better already, I will return to what I was doing.  I will take the passion I have for HAPPINESS and put it towards more writing later.  At this moment, I am glad to be a writer.  I have this outlet for my emotions no matter what they are.  

A smile is forming on my face as I type this, and my heart is filling up again with joy.  You see, I love to write! Whatever leads me to this can only have the power to ultimately bless me.  Those words may have cut me down a few minutes ago, but I am restored.  I am ready to go back to what I was doing and begin again with a smile knowing that I am empowered by the desire for Joy.

Joy = Jesus

It's Just Cake!

Posted by Lori on May 19, 2014 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

What is it about CAKE that people feel the need to cut it into perfect little squares?

Oh sure they say it's to get the most amount of pieces but I wonder if that's the whole truth?  It seems to me that many people do not even finish a slice of cake: too much frosting, not enough frosting, cake's too dry, etc.  

I wonder if those it-must-be-a-square-piece people must also have an isosceles slice from a round cake. 

I say cut the piece you want and pass the knife!  Let people take whatever portion they want. Loosen up, it's just cake.  

I know one person who probably thinks it's barbaric to cut a square cake any other way but square. However, tonight I did exactly that.  I cut a piece from the corner!  It made him laugh. That first cut into the square cake resulting in laughter was exactly what I think CAKE should inspire: laughter, fun, and happiness.  

I watched my friend correct my angle cut and achieve his right-angled square cake after making a few unfavorable odd-shaped slices.  This prompted me once again to add some FUN to this after-dinner dessert.  When the cake was passed to me again for a second piece, and my friend was not in the room, with no one looking- I carved out a heart shape in the frosting and began shaving off the remaining edges.  I was almost finished carving out the heart shaped piece for my square friend when he walked into the room and saw the pile of "shavings" on my plate.

Laughter erupted in the room, tears began to fall and hysteria was achieved.  I haven't witnessed so much fun over a small green cake... EVER.  It was well worth it!

When I passed the almost-carved-heart-shaped-cake-slice to my friend, after laughing one more time, he picked up the knife and cut himself a square piece from it.  I proceeded to eat all of the green shavings on my plate and though it was more than I wanted to eat, it was worth every bit.

It was the most fun I've ever had eating CAKE.

To my friend Jim: next time you offer me cake, I will try to act more civilized.

When Two Become One

Posted by Lori on May 9, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)
I long for a union of souls,
to be joined with all that is
missing in my life.  

In my dreams there is that
one who completes me.  
I imagine someone who knows
how to make me smile and
warms my heart with just a look.  

His touch has the healing in it.  
Someday, I will be changed
and in the twinkling of an eye
we will be together as one.  

Jesus is everything I need.